Thursday, June 29, 2006

On Poops and Pees!!

              Perhaps its monosodium glutamate (MSG) or maybe bad memories—-all i know is that I keep forgetting… (old age syndrome—- is closer)…

      There is one fresh and frequently-occuring experience lately that I could share, though… its about wiping pees and picking poops… whaaaa… Gross!!! (for most) but now the normalcy of this routine these days are slowly sinking into my system.. Hmmm… maybe some are thinking that  I have finally decided to do some caretaking jobs after my resignation in SPI… Not yet. Perhaps in the future but not now.


      It’s funny how one day, I got home and found my dad holding a little puppy in his arms… This had a heavy grab on dads pride days ago.. He used to tell us during dinner that he is planning to take home a cute little puppy and always to my mom’s dismay… In my excitement, I always found a way to change the topic of our conversation everytime my mom was ready to argue… I am excited of the thought of a new dog arriving.. it didnt really matter to me whether it is going to be a bulldog, a Rot, or a little pekingese.. as long as it comes from an imported breed… My dad said it comes from a pinscher’s breed. Hehehehe… I did look… looked close.. Close enough to see that it looks very much like any ORDINARY dogs… brown, tight skinned.. Ordinary!!!.. All my excitement ended with a great "Waaaaww"… (i didn’t want to disappoint my dad).. It’s still a puppy, anyway…
        Today, i am very much delighted with "Ching-ching", friend of "Chum-chum" (my other beautiful dog) everytime it greets me upon my arrival at home.. Now there are two of them competing for our attention… (actually 3.. "Bugoy" is being held by chains.. It can’t be left alone with chickens!!).. :)… Everything is so good except for a few……. which is that EVERYTIME I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING I’LL HAVE TO KNOW MY WAY TO WHERE THE RUGS ARE AND PERFORM MY ROUTINE OF WIPING THE LITTLE SCOUNDREL’S PEE AND PICKING THE NASTY NUGGETS — POOPS… :))
        Well, I guess it’s God’s way of keeping us close to reality. We may be working in an International Company, or earning a big salary, or maybe the boss in the office… but at the end of the day, we still wipe our own asses after we defecate or pick our noses by our fingers… You may be doing otherwise but honestly, we all go back to these practices when in desperate times. :)
         So friends, don’t let present abundance or prosperity get you dreaming and fantasizing… Let’s not allow success to bloat our heads. Remember and never Forget to keep feet on the ground. Once we do, God will simply add and never take back.
          Beware of MSG, lest you forget!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Never too late…

      God is always on time…

      I had been checking my yahoo mailbox as early as 7am this morning with anticipation and hopeful that perhaps the company I submitted my application to would at least send a reply to my email. Sometimes all it takes is an answer regardless of whether its contents are good or bad. What’s important is that you know somebody took attention to your effort and the time you spent doing it paid up. After several tries, I almost gave up…. Holding my emotions together and keeping my temperament at low level, I decided I’d give it all up to the Lord. I spoke a few words of prayer and assured the Lord that I rely on His sovereignty and proper timing. I shrugged the entire matter off, read the Scriptures for God’s voice and found my eyes settled on the last chapter of the book of Esther. Somehow my heart was caught by a few phrases… "….thirteen, fourteen, fifteen days….". They were supposed to mean differently in the text but it made mention that tremendous joy and celebration happen during these days of the month.. For whatever reason there is, I feel that God will do something on the 13th, 14th, or 15th of this month. Hahahaha.. I don’t know what the surprise may be but I am sufficiently gladdened knowing that the Lord touched my heart somehow.. for whatever it is that awaits to happen during those days of this month… the Lord alone knows… :) … basta… God is good and His mercy endureth forever!! I don’t care what others may say… I need nobody’s opinion.. All I know is that God touched me in ways I know I alone could understand..
       If you happen to read this testimony today, ask yourself.. "When was the last time I felt God’s touch?"
       I hope this blessed you. Just remember, God is alive and is everywhere!!! All we need to do is to let our hearts feel once again. Don’t let troubles numb your heart from feeling God’s presence. Never say it’s too late… God is always on time!!!
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