Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where Yakski Sounds More Like Yummy than Yucky

I have learned to unlove Larsian's after its grilled white marlin almost completely ruined my White Water Rafting experience in Cagayan de Oro due to severe diarrhea. Despite this personal decision, I still find my thoughts lingering from time to time on sweet thoughts of barbecue, grilled fish, siomai sa Tisa, and the experience of dining amidst noisy crowd, handpicking their food. I sometimes find myself feeling sour thinking how I could pass the craving just because of that one instance.

.. But, hey, am I glad to find another food spot in Cebu that provides the same food experience!

Pork Sticks. Photo from here.

Tucked behind 7-Eleven in  Don Mariano Cui St. Capitol Site of Cebu City is Yakski Barbecue. It is usually dark in this part of Cebu at night but Yakski is alive and alight. Prior to getting into the place, you would notice people loitering at nearby food stalls and convenience store. Get past the busy crowd and you will find Yakski.

At their grilling station, you will find raw cutlets of marinated pork meat, chicken gizzard, chicken liver, and fish. Chicken leg slices in sticks look very appealing, displayed half-cooked, and showing lines of grill burns. The crew is hard to miss since they work in black uniforms with apron proudly glaring with DOT's slogan "it is more fun in the Philippines".

One very outstanding attribute I will gladly give Yakski Barbecue is "affordability" and while its name sounds like "yucky", their food is in fact "yummy". They serve ice-cold beer and other products like home-made peanut butter. Topping all that is their nicely ventilated space that won't stick smoke stench in your clothes when you leave.

Go, visit today!

Yakski Barbecue
268-B Don Mariano Cui St. Capitol Site, Cebu City
Contact Nos. (0917) 32 25754 / (32) 414-2008 / 09321096769

See image gallery in their Facebook page and website.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adobo Rice, Like No Other!

Here's what I go back to Gerry's Grill for. A complete rice meal wrapped in a banana leaf and shaped to look like the banana heart (blossom or puso ng saging). It is very Filipino and absolutely sumptuous. Small chunks of cooked pork adobo is mixed into the cooked rice to create that mouth-watering salty, sweet blend. The black pepper ingredient will definitely make you spoon the plate clean. Good for sharing for two at Php 175.00. Dig in!

Adobong Puso Rice

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baler Series: Adventures

From Historical.

Of the 3 days we stayed in Baler, I'd say the second was the most packed with the greatest adventures.

We rose at around 7am for a breakfast meal at Bays View Inn. I have been talking a lot about pancakes at Bay's Inn the night before because  I knew our female companion was into it. I was glad I kind of sold them the idea of ordering it banking only on a few beautiful photos I have seen in the internet. I wish I wasn't very reliant on visuals and read the details of the blog instead. I would have spared my self and my friends the obligation to finish the pancakes that morning.

These pancakes are JUST okay.
Nevertheless, we shrugged the negatives and took on the positives for the activities which were to come. Armed only with anticipation and a shooting lens, we headed off for Dimatubo Falls.

Dimatubo Falls: Swimming, Trekking

From Sabang, it will take you to Brgy. Ditumabo via poblacion San Luis about 2 hours on a trike. The moment the drive leaves the highway, it is important to get yourself ready for the undeveloped road going to the waterfalls. There were times we volunteered to get off the tricycle and began walking for several meters forward especially when big rocks scattered on the roadway. Our weight was too much to keep the side car at considerable distance from the protruding rocks on the ground. It was a better option to walk rather than risking the tricycle for a permanent damage.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baler Series: Historical

From At Last, Eureka!

Blisters on the foot tell much about how far one has traveled and how painfully difficult it was to arrive at a destination and back. I would have already given up whatever there was left in the itinerary that day if it happened to me but our staff worker knew bigger problems than blisters and walked in steady composure to finish the day's activity plan.

Diguisit Falls

Next stop --- Digisit Falls.
We were getting ready to get historical with Baler, however, our motorcycle driver was kind enough to make short stops at some other popular spots we passed along the highway to the town central. This is where we found waterfalls almost literally along the highway. Most waterfalls are usually remote and will require people to walk kilometer distances from the highway but this is one I find truly amazing. The waterfalls was not grand in terms of size and altitude, but it was extremely inviting especially because of the climate contrast from the scorching sun along the highway. The water is kept cold by of course the flowing water basin at the top and the shades provided by forest trees. The rocks provide the stairway up to the waterfalls.

Aniao Islets

Aniao Islets
After a few snapshots, we went back to the highway. Just across, the Aniao Islets are already visible at plain sight jutting above sea level. The two islets seem to be a good vantage point for hawks and other fish-feeding birds when spotting targets. We didn't and couldn't spare time to walk along the shoreline to the foot of the islets due to time constraint, hence, we took photos instead.
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