Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Forming Vacuum

My spirit is heavy upon me
My soul cries out for mercy
Drought has overtaken me
I am as frail as you can see

You knew my every thought
My moves you saw, that’s no doubt
You heard every curse I spoke
My rebellion has drowned me out.

I felt distant each day that passes
Fear and loneliness well up in me
Days seem night
I’ve given up the fight.

I traveled far.
Fueled my rebellion
It mars and scars
It leads to oblivion.

You called but I didn’t listen
You cried but I didn’t pay attention
You whispered but I failed to hearken
You touched me but I lost my sensation

Everything seem so dark
This numbness, I can’t break away from
Life is stark
Oh Redemption, COME.
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