Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stuck on May 15

Stuck at the memory of the great CIO Summer Outing,
We vividly recall the events unfolding:
Excitement-filled bus ride, warm reception in Plantation Bay,
Amazing Race, great water sports, what more is there to say?

While nearing the entrance, everybody was beaming with joy.
Smiles on every face, laughter here and some giggles there –
All complemented to a sound we listen and enjoy –
Everyone scattered in every place, just being everywhere.

Shortly thereafter began the game
Each one expected to involve and participate
Young and old, boss or subordinate
All were contenders, all, the same.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Child in Us

Toy Story 3! Huh! I know writing about it can be quite risky. It could mean you are immature and have never outgrown your childhood, or perhaps, stuck in a 6-grader mindset. I don’t know, but, maybe yeah! I guess, somehow, Pixar packaged the story too entertainingly that you could forget that toys cannot move nor speak. More than great graphics, I believe the lessons behind the story are Walt Disney’s primary driver for a movie sale.

In this third part of the Toy Story sequel, Andy, the passionate toy-keeper is getting ready to go to college. He has grown a lot through the years and has come to the point where he has to decide among four ways to deal with his childhood toys: a) keep them in the attic, b) throw them away, c) donate to the Day Care center, or d) take it with him to college.
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