Friday, July 26, 2013

2Story Delight

Formerly Noriter, now 2 Story Kitchen, this coffee bar and restaurant seems to be unrelenting when it comes to persisting to survive and succeed.

A few months ago, while driving along Sta. Catalina St., I noticed that AVON office was already closed, however, its adjacent space looked like there were construction works going on. It was interesting because the once plain concrete walls of the building are now accentuated with wooden elements.


Just last week, I had the chance to pass by the area again and this time, it looked like the construction was complete. I shrugged the fact that just across it, Noriter, once flocked by customers, was already closed. It was disappointing but we were getting used to shops opening then calling it quits a year or two after.

I, my sister, and my nephew decided to walk into the new shop and something struck me too familiar, too quickly. She couldn't be a twin, so I asked, "Weren't you the cashier of Noriter?" which she answered, "Yes". It was also then that I realized that the old location was shut because the owner had other plans for the building. I tried seeking for information about the re-branding but she knew too little about it. She did, however, share that the owner of the restaurant is Korean and is also the person behind the artistic interior design. You can't help but notice the owners fondness of collecting artifacts from very old posters and drawings to interesting toys. All play the part of adding to the warm but playful ambiance. The mint green color kind of pulls the childish mood in you.

When we were about to order, the cashier cut our thoughts by offering that we go up to the 2nd floor to find a spot and then decide what items to buy. We understood her insistence to usher us upstairs because the store indeed had something more to showcase. Colorful string curtains hung to hide the cozy wooden cubicles which served as students and friends' effective hangout. Some cubes have tables in the center equipped with a buzzer to get waitresses' attention when making an order. Beyond the 2nd story enclosure, is a veranda designed for smoking customers. We didn't stay long upstairs because our 1 year old companion loiters just about everywhere, including the stairs.

 Food was surprisingly good too. I couldn't get over their avocado shake that was not only affordable but done with the right sweetness and consistency. My sister ordered a winter melon shake and we shared the vegetarian pizza (P170) and American style burger (P155) which came with a handful of french fries. I think I may have gobbled the food too fast that I regret not having taken a picture of it before it completely disappeared from the plate.

Is it worth a repeat? Definitely!

2 Story Kitchen
Sta. Catalina Street, 6200 Dumaguete City

Cafe Noriter (Cebu)
One Acacia Unit 10&11,
Arch Bishop Reyes Ave
6000 Cebu City

Opens Everyday: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Phone    0927 364 7138

More reviews here:

Proudly Dumaguete

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Falling for Google Drive

I don't normally stray from just my Gmail and Blogger account when it comes to patronizing Google. Just recently, however, when the need to temporarily store huge amount of electronic files in the internet arose, I Googled. Naturally, it took me to Google Drive.

Just in case you come across the same need to make large documents accessible anywhere in the world even without having to bring your laptop or other portable storage devices all the time, try uploading it to Google drive. I feel very silly to even write here very simple steps to get started, but, here they are anyway.

(1) Internet Connection, and
(2) a Google (etc. Gmail) account.

Uploading a document (e.g. a CV, photos).
(1) Go straight to Google Drive.
(2) Log in using the same Google credentials you use for your Gmail or Blogger account.
(3) Click the "up arrow" icon on the left side, next to [Create].
(4) Select the file to upload.
(5) Upload.

It is just that easy. Now, you can get hold of your file anytime and anywhere in the world without carrying your hard drives with you every single time.

Other features available include options to restrict or permit downloads by colleagues and friends, say an album of photographs, a work presentation, or any other documents you intend to save for use anytime.

Here is a rundown of its other advantages:
 - Allows even non-Google friends to download shared files. Just change the restriction.
 - It is an online Virtual Storage. Open important files anywhere in the world without having to get it from you personal hard drive.
 - Use free office tools incorporated in Google drive for:
    a.)  writing a resume/letter (like MS Word)
    b.)  prepare a Powerpoint presentation
    c.)  create simple and/or transactional forms for an online page, and many more..
 - 15Gb of storage capacity
 - Easy download of stored files into a PC Drive
 - Has numerous filter options (useful when looking or searching for a particular document within your storage space)
 - Has file security and/or privacy options.
 - Easy share to multiple friends.
 - Faster than email attachments.

 Honestly, I don't know why I am even writing this for Google. I just found it very convenient to have this type of free service online. Now I do not have to bother bringing laptops and transferring files from PC to USB or hard drives everytime I need to have something printed or even when emailing photo attachments to friends. I can simply send them a link and they can download the entire album from there.
 I have become a happy Google Drive user. Share my joy. :)

Note: Tell me how Google Drive has helped you also. Leave us a note to read on.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quickie Meal 1: Sunburst Combo

When hunger strikes me, I forget all other cares and my mind is focused to just one purpose. Find the right food at the right place, the quickest way.

Marching hastily through frustration, I made my way to Ayala Terraces undisturbed. I was hungry and mentally complaining. Prior this, I walked to my bank from work sacrificing lunch so I can get to the bank while early and less crowded. To my dismay, as soon as I walked in, the huge "Offline" signs at the tellers' desk glared at me. Frustrated, I decided to hop to another bank for another transaction that was supposed to come second after the first to avoid going in circles. Luckily, my bank transaction there was swift as wind.

Now, my stomach was making strange sounds. I knew I had to feed the minions (thinking of the trending Despicable Me characters) inside. A quick meal was certainly the answer I need for this physiological demand.

That answer I found in Sunburst. Sunburst originated in Iligan City and was formerly named A & C Chicken and Pizza House (1). It gained fame and quickly spread to over 10 branches nationwide in 2010 and probably doubled its number 3 years after. Five of its locations I spotted in Cebu which kind of made Sunburst and Cebu tightly associated. My friends in Manila always remember Cebu through their Sunburst experience.

Sunburst fried chicken definitely sets itself apart from Jollibee, KFC, or McDonalds in terms of fried chicken. Their cooking does not include the batter that usually does the trick of making the parts look huge and puffy. Still, the chicken skin crackles at every bite. This they pride themselves of to the point that they decided to include a plate of crispy chicken skin in their menu.

See more items on the menu here.

This visit, however, highlights their Combo Meals that are usually the fastest-served order between 10AM to 2PM daily.

Photo from here.

What's on the plate?

1 cup rice
4 pcs lumpia shanghai
2 pcs fried chicken (usually the wing part)
sauteed noodles (canton/bihon/sotanghon)
* served with 1 glass iced tea

What's the price? All for P135.

Sometimes all you need is a quickie. And wow, aren't quickies delicious!

Location and Contact Details
Sourced here.

Sunburst Fried Chicken Restaurant
Telephone No: (6332) 254-9400, 254-9500

Address: SM City Cebu, , ,CebuCity,Cebu,Philippines
Telephone No: (6332) 233-1820/1850

Address:GF Mahogany Court,Archbishop Reyes Ave.,Archbishop Reyes Ave.,CebuCity,Cebu,Philippines
Telephone No: (6332) 233-9275

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