Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Vote

This blog is not for the sole and mere purpose of campaigning but primarily to key my thoughts about the coming May 10 elections. I took time to research about criteria for choosing the best leader but I am oftentimes led to nonetheless second-hand, biased suggestions. To be honest, I have made up my mind. It has been quite a struggle deciding especially because competence-wise, more than two candidates bear outstanding qualifications. I admit to have not done sufficient research about the candidate I am voting for but I feel guiltless and shameless now, more than ever, to declare that I am for Eddie Villanueva.

I am a Christian and you can presume that anything I write from this point onward can be partial and would certainly advocate Christian leadership. At some point, you are right, but I prefer to term my stand the advocacy on “Applied Christian Leadership” – one where Christianity has become one’s lifestyle. It does not infer perfection on the individual but more on established relationship and the conscientiousness of his action. In other words, I am in favor of voting for one who is a “doer” more than the “label-bearer” although both are essentially understood to have journeyed the road of acceptance and confession of Jesus, as Lord and Saviour - they mainly differ in the score of maturity.

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