Saturday, May 19, 2007

They call it haven, a resting place..

It’s been a month and a week since I started working here in Cebu and I’m kinda getting used to the sight of crowded roofs… an arm-length away from each other. This is the view I wake up inevitably seeing every single day… A familiar sight while brushing teeth or taking a bath. Ever wondered how my boarding house looks like? It’s no less than this. Welcome to my humble abode….

Dsc02586  Dsc02587

Come destress despite distress…..
Irony, they say, is a way of evading reality. In this case, I’d say I’m thankful life has that option…. and a lot more options!!


  1. Ang mga atop nga maot!hahahaha...but at least u have a home. That's something to be thankful about:)

  2. corek.. and to put it on yet another perspective, at least I bear good eyesight despite the mundane view.

  3. kelangan mo mag EO...nalibat ra ka!hahahahaha....


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