Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Forming Vacuum

My spirit is heavy upon me
My soul cries out for mercy
Drought has overtaken me
I am as frail as you can see

You knew my every thought
My moves you saw, that’s no doubt
You heard every curse I spoke
My rebellion has drowned me out.

I felt distant each day that passes
Fear and loneliness well up in me
Days seem night
I’ve given up the fight.

I traveled far.
Fueled my rebellion
It mars and scars
It leads to oblivion.

You called but I didn’t listen
You cried but I didn’t pay attention
You whispered but I failed to hearken
You touched me but I lost my sensation

Everything seem so dark
This numbness, I can’t break away from
Life is stark
Oh Redemption, COME.


  1. "You heard every curse I spoke"...hahaha I guess sa office na ninyo nahitabo!!!!hahahaha...

    Bitaw weak ra man gyud ta. It is God's grace that empowers us to follow Him. His Grace is our sufficiency.. When we are weak, His grace gives us the strength to carry on. Amazing Grace!

  2. hmmm.. SECret! hhehe... On a serious note, I praise God every time he stoops down so I can hold an arm every time I effort to stand back UP!


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