Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Vote

This blog is not for the sole and mere purpose of campaigning but primarily to key my thoughts about the coming May 10 elections. I took time to research about criteria for choosing the best leader but I am oftentimes led to nonetheless second-hand, biased suggestions. To be honest, I have made up my mind. It has been quite a struggle deciding especially because competence-wise, more than two candidates bear outstanding qualifications. I admit to have not done sufficient research about the candidate I am voting for but I feel guiltless and shameless now, more than ever, to declare that I am for Eddie Villanueva.

I am a Christian and you can presume that anything I write from this point onward can be partial and would certainly advocate Christian leadership. At some point, you are right, but I prefer to term my stand the advocacy on “Applied Christian Leadership” – one where Christianity has become one’s lifestyle. It does not infer perfection on the individual but more on established relationship and the conscientiousness of his action. In other words, I am in favor of voting for one who is a “doer” more than the “label-bearer” although both are essentially understood to have journeyed the road of acceptance and confession of Jesus, as Lord and Saviour - they mainly differ in the score of maturity.

I would be lying if I’d say I didn’t get confused on whom to cast my vote for. My early top choices were Gordon, Gibo, (for a time) Noynoy and probably for affiliation reasons, Villanueva. On quick association, I have identified the first three for intelligence (likely due to published records of academic and social achievement), a plus on Gordon for solid political background, and Villanueva on faith (being known for spearheading Jesus is Lord Ministries). Like anyone going through perplexity, I, in time, narrowed down my choices, slowly weeding out and weighing down the factors by relevance and importance until I arrived to the bottomline where faith (with enough competence) reigns over mere wits and political records.

For some reasons, I am constantly swept and reminded of the story of David’s election as king to the nation, Israel (1 Samuel 16). Prophet Samuel found the anointing of the next king a difficult task to do. First, he was afraid because if Saul knew about it, he would kill Samuel. Secondly, God didn’t tell him specifically who among Jesse’s several sons has been chosen for the responsibility of ruling over Israel after Saul. At one point he picked from the obvious: Eliab, the sibling with great stature, build, and height. But, God cut him short by saying:

"Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." – 1 Samuel 16:7 (New International Version (©1984))

This passage ended with the election of David as king.

To God, the matters of heart mean more than the physical attributes. Achievements and personal attainments merit us, but the heart that is for God, merits God. Not for selfish reasons, but, primarily for our common benefit.

The Boy-King, Josiah, was also noted to have made quite a difference in ruling God’s people because he was for God despite having been raised in the most unfavorable of circumstances. Like David, he could very well fail in the eyes of most men in terms of qualifications for leadership. He was only 8 years old, raised by idolatrous parents in a cruel environment, and certainly inexperienced in terms of political leadership. Nevertheless, his love for God caused him to be remembered as one of the upright leaders during their time.

Now, does this mean that only righteous leaders existed then? No! There were also many pagan leaders who succeeded their parents’ office. In the history of Israel’s kings, they were oftentimes the cause of major blunders. In every blunder, the entire nation of Israel, in one way or another suffered.

I am for Eddie Villanueva because he has subjected himself to God’s grace and applied Christian leadership. His credentials which prove his competency even in the field of education and accomplishments follow:

Educational Attainment
• Bachelor in Commerce, Major in Economics – Philippine College of Commerce (since renamed Polytechnic University of the Philippines)
• Bachelor of Laws – University of the Philippines

Professional/Public Service Record
• Founder, Jesus is Lord Church
• Televangelist

Significant Achievements/Other Info:
He was immersed in both student and labor movements in the 1970’s. He joined the progressive segments of society which opposed military dictatorship. He fought local land grabbers in Bulacan. He was jailed for his political beliefs and participation in various mass actions. He is the longest-sitting member of the Board of Regents of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP).

Previous to this appointment, he was a faculty member of the Department of Economics and Finance of the Philippine College of Commerce (now PUP) from 1969 to 1972. He was General Manager of Agape Trading Company in 1976-1977. He was also Export Manager of Maran Export Industries in 1973-1975.

Bro. Eddie was voted worldwide as “Pastor of the Year” in 1988 by Dr. George Otis’ High Adventure Ministries. He was ordained Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (1979) by Dr. Michael Mckinney of the Victory in Christ Church and International Ministries based in California.

Please read through the “Bangon Pilipinas” platform to learn more about his advocacies and beliefs.
Know what other Christians believe by reading on some blog comments found in the links below:

View Bro. Eddie’s website:

Win or lose, I remain.

The statements used above tell only of the writer’s personal belief as a Filipino Christian. Such also in NO way condemn nor judge the faith and beliefs of the other presidential candidates mentioned in this blog whose religious stand is beyond the writer’s knowledge. Moreover, it is not discriminatory of people’s religion and status quo. God loves everybody.


  1. Marilou A. SedigoMay 9, 2010 at 9:22 PM

    Yes i agree mike, and we are on the same stand.. Although, a lot of bad reports we receive from media but still i have this assurance that God will perform in a miraculous way... His hand is not too short of lifting this country back to it's original economic position four (4) decades ago..

    May ADONAI remember Philippines as we hold on to our Faith and believe that He is going to restore the long lost glory of this country..

  2. @Ate Marilou: thanks for posting your comment. I have cast my vote today without guilt and regret. Thanks for firmly holding on to your stand and believing that God remains faithful in all circumstance. :)

  3. Naks! sayang gyud...from a person who has known countless pastors on a personal level, i truely believe that a pastor, like bro., eddie, whose integrity is unquestionable, whose leadership is incomparable, who has been in prison for his political beliefs,and whose knowledge in the economy is vast, would have made the best President in the history of Philippine Republic. Not that we have the same religion but the fact that it is no joke to lead a church and expand membership to 5 million.We have even barely expanded our ministry in a single school. We are talking here of 5 million. That's remarkable leadership!hehe...But then again, our fate cannot be decided by politics, but by the GRACE of God!

  4. Bel, you could be a good campaign leader for Bro. Eddie in the future. I and Ate Malou will rally along... Hahaha.. bitaw, a lot would say that leadership differs between politics and church but I beg to disagree. Leadership "is the capacity to establish direction and to influence and align others toward a common goal, motivating and committing them to action and making them responsible for their performance". I don't think the politics nor the church can define it any other way. Any man who is up for the responsibility can apply it regardless of the type of community he is in. Moses did! And so did David.. and many other!

  5. @Abel: I know it must have taken a lot of time from you to read down to the last article in my blogsite. But just like real friends would say, "I don't care!" Hahaha... Although it felt like it's been ages but your visit made it seem like it was only yesterday. And two more things: Conquer France and man!.. you are one GREAT blogger in the making. Be safe!

  6. Kuya Mike... ehehehe.. Mana ko vote (obviously, after chancing on this entry 10 days away from elections).. Nya, dli ko mag-saba kinsa akong gi-vote...hahaha.. :D

    But this is one bold declaration, i should say. I appreciate the fact that your support is well-defined, especially on that win/lose thing. Now that the country is moving on from those campaign and automation jitters, we can now exercise our, er, privilege of submitting to authorities (even if we didn't vote for them). I'm just amazed that God's sovereignty is so difficult (and even impossible) to grasp, and yet we can safely stand on it.

    Mahal ko ang Pilipinas! :D

  7. Woops.. em, glad to find a comment from you. I won't be pressuring you to confess who your candidate was but I do like the points you brought up in the comment. May we continue to uphold what is right for the love of God and country!

    Bangon Pilipinas!

  8. Em, I find your second to the last sentence difficult to grasp yet i can safely stand on it. ;)

  9. Em, I think this calls for an answer.. heheh.. kani gyud si Brennan.. :)


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