Monday, November 1, 2010

The Chateau de Busay Experience

I had the chance to sing in a wedding ceremony last Saturday in Chateau de Busay. It was my first time to actually set foot on the grounds of this famous wedding venue. I’ve heard about it from friends and passed by it a couple of times when I was on my way to Balamban, town known for its famed liempo.


Going to the place was not that easy. A few taxis would dare to get you there only for a fixed rate of 300 pesos. Their common reason is always that they’ll lose on the gas spent in coming back from uphill down to the metropolis with no passengers on board. So, my only option was to ride via motorcycle which will take you up to Chateau de Busay in 15 mins for as low as P40. These motorcycle drivers and their PUVs are hard to miss when you are at JY Square in Lahug. They are lined up on the street side eager to pick up passengers whose fare becomes an additional earning for the day.

As you ascend uphill, the cold mountain breeze becomes apparent, the tall city buildings become smaller, and the wide expanse of Cebu becomes more picturesque. Mind you, air pollution is less atop. These luxuries are what Chateau de Busay offers on top of the usual wedding venue amenities offered in other places.

As the day grew dim, the city lights became clearer. They look like plenteous stars lighting the lowland. Paul Keiner must have envisioned the same sweet, tranquil scenery way back in 1968 when he built the place. The same builder is responsible for the creation of Cebu’s Mactan International Airport and other famous Philippine landmarks. He and his family lived there until they decided to sell it to a Swiss cheese maker and gourmand, Roland Werro in 1983 (read more of its history in Chateau de Busay’s website). Owned by a food lover, that explains why its restaurant serves excellent meals.

To this day, Chateau de Busay remains a convenient escape from the hassles of the busy metropolis. It continues to open business for casual diners and hold party and wedding events at easy-to-pay packages. For more information about its offerings, visit their website:

Lower Busay Hills, Nivel Hills, Lahug
Cebu City, 6000 Philippines
Tel. No. (032) 231-2000 

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