Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life's Sweet Little Things

When SLT (Sweet Little Things) opened its first shop at J Block, corner Apitong and Escario St. in the last quarter of 2011, more Cebuanos began growing curiosity for cupcakes. Who wouldn't?

SLT Lemon Poppyseed. Photo from here.

Usually, people go to this part of Cebu for Sprockets Coffee + Milk Tea Cafe (one cool restaurant) or go for a sumptuous lunch or dinner in Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu. Oftentimes, while either waiting for the order to be served or even as soon as finishing a meal, impulse take customers into the tiny glass, see-through SLT shop. It sits right between the two bigger restaurants and from outside, you can already notice the shop attendant moving around, checking on the cupcakes display, or fixing the chairs and table arrangement. One can't help but walk in out of curiosity.

As soon as you are inside the shop, you will notice their wide array of cupcake flavors labeled clearly for proper identification. Unlike the usual cupcakes we find in ordinary bakeshops, these on the other hand are very eye-catching. Some are adorned and topped with colorful frosting while others, in fact, have real fruit slices. Each cupcake is priced neatly at Php 58. The more you buy the higher the discounts go. A half a dozen (Php 298) in a "pasalubong" box will slash a few pesos from your total bill. The boxed delights make good Christmas presents for friends and loved ones.

Just for today, however, I and a "laagholic" decided to skip the icing and go with the real cream topped cold coffee drinks. For a price between 100-150 pesos, you can already sip through the regular-sized, ice-blended java chip or chocolate cream coffee.

Let that curiosity take you to SLT today.

Sweet Little Things Branches:

J Block Building
Apitong Street corner Escario Street
Cebu City 6000

Northwing (fronting CyberZone)
Cebu City

Contact Number: 09228608600

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  1. SLT's lemon poppyseed is my favorite... and I think they have the best cupcakes, mahal lang! :D

    I just realized wala ko nakablog about SLT. Hahahah.

    1. Mustachio, musta na? it's been a while.. why are you giving away mustache(s)? hmmmm.. i thought you're collecting.

    2. I am tired of my mustache (only one mustache, friend) so I am giving it away :D

  2. Lami ang chocolate cream thingy. ^_^

    Yehey! You blogged again.
    Looking forward for MORE entries from you, Mike.

    Laagholic Buyog

    1. Ey Bee.. thanks for making my "I CAN'T", "I CAN!"


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