Friday, January 23, 2015

A Goto Welcome in Fujinoya

Just a short walk from the corner across JY Square leading to Camp Lahug is a Japanese restaurant that prides itself of faithful usage of fresh baking ingredients for its cakes and pastries. Unlike most Japanese restaurants in town that serves mostly maki, sushi, sashimi and miso soup, this restaurant puts on the front line their baked goods. The moment you walk into the glass doors, the line of cakes and desserts inside the glass fridge becomes a sight that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. They say the Japanese technique infused in the creation of these western cakes makes a signature Fujinoya product.

It was lunch time, so we painfully looked away and sought for a cozy corner.

A semi-round cushioned chair at the corner looked interesting, so we propped ourselves on it and waited for quite some time only to discover that orders are done at the counter. Confident that no one else will take the seat from us, we approached the barista to ask about the menu. After reading the chalk writings on the menu board and flipping our hands from one menu cardboard to the next, we decided to order the Wasabi Burger, Kakiage Burger, and Kishimen Kakiagi.

Kishimen Kakiage Noodle Soup

Kishimen Kakiagi was served first and "my!!!" .. did it taste so good! Kishimen is flat Japanese noodles, quite like our local "udon". By itself, it would probably have tasted dull but as soon as it absorbs the mix of flavor from the fresh vegetable ingredients, it becomes a symphony of nothing else but blissful goodness.

Kakiage Burger

Kakiage, which consisted both our burger and soup orders,  are deep-fried fritters made of vegetables (carrots, shallots, and onion) and peeled prawns. They are mixed and glued in one piece by flour and egg yolk before they submerge into the scorching vegetable oil. There is something deceitful about adding vegetables in anything fried. It makes you forget it was soaked in oil.

Wasabi burger. Andami kong nasabi. haha

The crisp crackles as you bite onto the Kakiage Burger. While I love the Wasabi Burger, I feel that it lacked the wasabi taste. Either cummin overpowered the wasabi or wasabi tasted like cummin. I was really expecting a palate-kickin' surprise but it left me wanting to separate the mayo dressing and other ingredients to find the wasabi's hideout. Overall, the char-broiled patty, the crunchy onion ring and french fries sides were enough to make me silent -- at least for a while.

Conference area at the upper level.

Don't you go finding where the faucet is at the sink. This hanging ornamental lamp spews water too.
It is not only the food that will make your dining experience in Fujinoya comfortable. You are assured the experience of a relaxed ambiance. The artistic pentagon designed ceiling and blend of cushion and wood interiors slightly removes you from the urban neighborhood. If you dine outside the shop, you'll find yourself stepping on a carpet of grass, not minding its plastic/rubber compositions. The upper level is available for reserved conferences and meetings. The room accommodates up to 15 people and charged at an hourly CONSUMABLE rate of P1000. Use of the LCD projector is P500 for the whole duration of your team meeting. I think the price is very reasonable given that Fujinoya is an international name. It merits the perfection of its cake recipe to the 3 generation of cooks in the Goto lineage. Fujinoya is derived from "fuji" which is "goto" in kanji and "noya" is a derivative word meaning "welcome to".

Wallet Watch:

  Kakiage Burger      - 220
  Wasabi Burger       - 240
  Kishimen Kakiage - 250

Fujinoya Bakery | Gourmet Coffee | Bistro
Address: Wilson Street, Lahug Cebu City 6000 (Beside Pino Restaurant)
Operating Hours:  7:00AM – 12:00 Midnight
Contact Number: (032) 231-5238 / 0915 483 8097


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