Sunday, February 28, 2010

Type That Thought

I was just about to sleep when I decided it’d be best to put into writing some pressing thoughts I have been thinking concerning random issues. A lot has been going on in the community these days and everybody finds certain news too redundantly mentioned that it is getting difficult to put them off that easily.

May Elections

It is a little depressing to think about our nation’s current political situation. Being hailed to be one of those at the top in terms of corruption, the Philippines has been ardently fighting against it to regain its dignity among other nations. Despite the attempts, there seem to very little progress. People are trying to hold on to any glimmer of hope they can get from church sermons, Pineda, PeƱalosa and Pempenco achievements, and the quite convincing platforms showcased by our current presidentiables. At times we rely on the little comfort we get from denying the sad facts at hand and quietly telling ourselves that “things will change for the better”. But, will change really come? And if it comes, will it be for the betterment of the country and its people?

I myself took a little time to discover truths about our country’s candidates for the presidential post. I have attended the recent Choices and Voices for 2010 held in Cebu International Convention Center (thanks to Cebu’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and attended IVCF-CEV’s lecture about responsible voting. In these participations, I found out bits of information about the candidates. I am glad to have heard the candidates speak about their platforms and plans for our government, too. Each one determined to win the Filipinos’ heart by promising solutions on poverty, injustice, and freedom from corruption.

Just as I have heard their promise-filled speeches, I also learned their weaknesses brought up by the people who questioned them during the forum. Banters on Noynoy opportunistically riding behind the given popularity of his parents being renowned country leaders in the past and his involvement in the age-old Hacienda Luisita controversy were hot discussions. Fears of Gordon’s tendency to become a dictator following Ferdinand Marcos’ footsteps, Gibo’s questionable loyalty to the administration and his inability to have a solid stand on certain issues concerning President Arroyo’s reported governance oversights and lapses were repeatedly asked. Erap himself couldn’t seem to justify clearly the cases filed against him during his short-lived reign as the country’s president jokingly entertained the audience by responding “I’ve been there” to the questions raised against him. All brings us down to the question, “Would we want to entrust authority to these individuals?” Why not cast our vote to Villanueva who claims that righteousness will remedy these problems? Unfortunately, for him, Christians find it odd to hear news of his supposed support to party list LADLAD’s cause. Villar’s shout out as “tunay na mahirap” might sound very appealing but questions of him spending millions for his campaign seem to become an issue. Jambi, Perlas, and de los Reyes’s lack of solid track record in higher office seem to be resoundingly countering their efforts to market themselves.

These propagandas about them emphasize the negative. I’m sure they do have good intentions too. They wouldn’t put their reputations at stake for defamation or disgrace. I’m sure they ardently advocate good causes. If we effort on doing our own personal research not only finding the negative news but also fairly seeking the good information about them, we will arrive on an unbiased and well-informed decision. If we are able to do this, then we render value to our votes. This is the least we can do to contribute in making our country recover from pits of shame and further corruption. So if I be asked again “will there be changes after the election?”, I am sure there will be. As for whether it be for progress or regress, I’d let time tell. For now, I’d like to be certain that I’ll get past elections guilt-free by casting a wise vote. Anyone else can do the same!

End of the Line

Quite related to the dilemma on elections, I have also been made conscious about our ability to contribute to the preservation of Blue Fins and other extinct fish species. End of the Line was a very informative documentary. It narrates in vivid video footages how certain fish types are rapidly becoming extinct. Certain populations of fish species have been reported to have declined substantially since 1950. The video ended reminding people to be conscious on what type of fish to buy. If it belonged to a class that is extinct or endangered, it was advised that we can contribute by not patronizing these products until their population recovers. Marine preservation was also encouraged while fish farming using a large quantity of small fish to serve as bait for the large ones was discouraged. Sharing this documentary and information dissemination via blogs could be a good start.


Chile shook after an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 hit the country. Philippines is said to experience a magnitude of 1 anytime soon. Events like these make me think that most things are really uncertain. We are at the mercy of a God who makes our protection and salvation sure. I have lived through a long battle of disbelief in the past because I couldn’t buy the idea of believing on something or someone I couldn’t see. But the thought of rendering life meaningless due to death is far unbelievable. I began thinking that I haven’t been given life only to die and be inexistent and forgotten. Life must continue after death. The existence and concept of a Creator and eternal life or eternal damnation fits the void about living and dying. There is a God!


At the end of the day, everyone returns to self. How am I living my purpose? Am I making a difference? Did I do any good? Did I make God smile? Concerns and issues keep coming. They come in many varieties. Worries about life and one’s interaction with the people and the rest of the creation around him makes the frequent visits. Sometimes I worry about my ageing parents and how their health is becoming worrisome. Marriage, investments, properties, and work add to my anxieties. Peer and parental pressures make it even harder. At the end of all these, however, you have only yourself to decide and (a) God to confer with. Although we rely on Him for guidance, but it is the times when His grace makes the hard decisions for us that are the sweetest. Nevertheless, there are major parts of life where he chooses to be silent and watch you apply what you have learned all throughout these years. Every obstacle and every difficulty serve to strengthen. For every decision, never fail to allow God’s intervention. It is when we think we don’t need him that we in fact need Him the most. Face your fears bravely knowing that God and you face it both at the same time.

It’s 10:14 pm. This will be my most restful bedtime in almost a year. Sometimes thinking aloud makes the most part of release and recovery. You too can find the time... type your thoughts.


  1. Well written, gerts. I would have had a sound sleep myself if I were able to express thoughts that concern me. There are indeed a lot of disturbing thoughts, relative to each individual, that occupy our minds that if we don't know or have any means of coping we'd all go insane. So, we say thank you to our Living God who assures us through His promises of presence, guidance, protection, wisdom, forgiveness, grace, mercy and love among others, that everything will fall into its perfect place as He intended them to be. Then, we'll understand and find meaning.

  2. ... taking your advice.

  3. @Tatz: thanks for giving the reading of this blog your time.. I know you are busy.. pen your thoughts, too

  4. @jedi: getting a glimpse of your note, despite its brevity, is special...

  5. "lack of solid track record in higher office seem to be resoundingly countering their efforts to market themselves"

    Mike, your statement suggests that for one to win a presidency, he or she must at least be an incumbent vice-president, the second highest position in the land. Otherwise, he or she must be incredibly popular to win the elections.

    Almost all of the presidential candidates (except for two. But I could be mistaken though), have already experienced being in public service (councilor, DOD secretary, senator, etc). That could suffice as 'track record.' It may not be 'solid.' But it is, at the very least, legitimate.

  6. Forgive me for nitpicking, but I'd rather posit the matter on earthquakes, uncertainties, and for everything else in life as being under the grace of God rather than His mercy - of course this semantic is debatable. And I would never use "... a God ..."

    "At the end of all these, however, you have only yourself to decide and a God to confer with." (italics/emphasis mine)

    You typed your thoughts but you never made a decision here. The world, both real and virtual, is steered by men who makes decisions and not simple pose thoughts or questions.

    "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." At the moment, I do not see you belonging in one of the choices.

  7. @baktin:
    Thanks for leaving a comment and expressing your concern about a particular segment in the blog. Revolving around the aforementioned line, I would say that you "may be" right in your interpretation that higher office could mean vice-president, perhaps even being a senator. I say "may be" primarily because of the early statement:

    ...I also learned their weaknesses brought up by the people who questioned them during the forum.

    In other words, whatever thoughts I put into writing about our presidentiables in this article are collated opinions based on the televised or staged forums, discussions and buzzes I hear about them.

    As for Point #2, "solid track record", I cannot disagree on your statements, "That could suffice as 'track record.' It may not be 'solid.' But it is, at the very least, legitimate." I guess it is the very reason why "solid" had to precede "track record". On another note, I would say, the word "solid" could be quite relative. Nevertheless, these are still opinions.

  8. @Anonymous:
    Thank you for stating your valuable opinion. On grace vs mercy, I guess I reserve the choice. I view mercy as a form of God's favor. Grace in my embraced definition is "undeserved favor" which, in this line of thought, could very well mean "undeserved 'mercy'". Either way, it just shows that God is capable of showing both mercy and grace.

    On using "a God", I would like to adopt your suggestion for the purpose of personalization not on context. "A" should not solely be understood in the context of being impersonal or detached. "A" could also very well mean "the only". Parentheses will now enclose it so other viewers can understand the cause of the call.

    As for Point#3 (paragraph 3 of your comment), I think it is a little unfair if I accept such hurried judgement based on a phrase. I guess, it will not take a smart reader to recognize my stand of God explicitly stated many times in the article (e.g. "There is a God.","... allow God’s intervention. It is when we think we don’t need him that we in fact need Him the most. Face your fears bravely knowing that God and you face it both at the same time.")

    To answer you allegation, I am both a Leader and a Follower.

    Lastly, if you are a blogger, I'd like to read your writings, too. Perhaps we could exchange links. Anonymity in certain cases may be important, but when you are making a point, much more an allegation, I think it is more dignified to make yourself known.

    If you say you take a stand on something, there is no point hiding. I'll be glad to get to know the interesting you!

  9. @mike
    I'm a ronin. The comment section is where I mostly write my thoughts. I don't have much of a vocabulary so at times you'll read my writing with much incoherence, absurdity, allegations, and nitpicking.

    Your response to Point#2 is still not as solid as I would have hoped you'll answer. There is much relativity in the answer, I was hoping to solicit a more factual and syntactic response.

    Anyway, don't let my rather unsolicited thoughts detract you from writing your thoughts further. The more you post, the more conversations we'll have. Maybe in that manner we'll get to know each other's persona.

    And lastly, thread carefully as you have bravely declared yourself to be a leader and follower. Your followers (if you have any) is dependent on the quality of life you live or the quality of acting you exude. (Pardon me for what seems to be another allegations, but fact of the matter is that I do not know you personally.)

    Have a blast writing!

  10. @Anonymous:
    I respect your unyielding disposition to keep your identity hidden. Admittedly, I enjoy reading your comments. Contrary to your claim, you seem very gifted at words.

    I'm glad to have made you understand my points of view concerning the issues you brought up. It is sad, however, that you still find my resolve on point #2 relative and non-decisive despite my clarification. I don't intend to modify it one more time as the decision is quite clear should you read it again.

    Finally, I thank you for your valued advice. I will definitely write as carefully as possible to avoid oversights and mistakes. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee perfection. In my writings, there will be mistakes - be that grammar or consistency related. But I would like to continue writing without the constraint of being too people pleasing as it would make the content depart from reality. As much as possible, I would like my blogs to be as honest as it can be.

    Only a few follows my blog (as you can see in my list of followers) but I am glad you, a "ronin", have subconsciously joined the circle. One more comment from you and you could very well be the most avid.

    Since you say you do not "write", then, have fun commenting!

  11. Take Anonymous to be your most avid then. But that begs the question, how would you really know if it's (sic? ;) ) the same person? Wouldn't that be assuming too much?

  12. @Anonymous #2
    You have a point. I wish I could identify that person for you so I don't appear too assuming. Nevertheless, I am glad we are making conversations in my blog page, regardless of your chosen predicament. :)

  13. hahaha, nice debate!:)

    On grace and mercy:
    For me, mercy is God witholding the punishment that we deserve. And grace is God giving the favor that we do not deserve.

    I remember a story in LCDC about a kid who broke a flower vase. He was caught in the act by his mother. Instead of punishing her kid, she forgave him. That is MERCY. Then,after everything that had happened, she told their maid to buy her kid some nice delicious meal. That is GRACE!!

    Anyways, what a blog!!!!!libre! libre!

  14. Pa-libre ta sa Mama sa bata. Huwat lang pag-abot sa maid kay gipapalit pa! Hahaha.. I like that story. You won't mind me quoting that in future writings, would you?

  15. haha..i woudn't...but just improve it a little bit with those chic words...hahaha...mura man mig technical writing ra gud, very "engineering"!:)


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