Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dreamy Real Encounter

(- Solomon pronounces his request 1 Kings 3:4-15)

Eyes closed, darkness hides the light.
Peaceful. Silence seem so right.
Just as silence blends with darkness so well,
God’s voice reverberated in my ears like a bell.

“Ask that which I may gladly bestow.”
Oh for a moment I pause to think…
Memories of my father flash like a blow
‘Til words came out, and I begin to flow.

“David, my father, served You for years
Recalling days past, I’m almost in tears
For the kindness You showed so lovingly
To him whose heart sought Yours faithfully.

Now, above all, You’ve hailed me king
Lord, Almighty let Your power bring
Discernment, Wisdom and proper Judgement
To govern and lead onto development.”

“Solomon, you fill my heart with pleasure
You didn’t ask for army nor treasure…
Neither a thousand victories nor long life too
And so I generously give all these to you.”

Suddenly… comes the light!
Darkness turns bright!
Eyes open.  ‘Tis only a dream.
‘Twas real. Or so it seemed.



  1. Great Poem! Only nga nalibat kog binasa!!!!haha...Yeah, I'm a Solomon fan. He was the leader during Israel's golden age. I hope we'll have a leader like him one day so we'll have silver as common as stones.:)

  2. Sorry about that.. I had been trying to find ways to make the font appear white until I gave up the fight after failing many times.. but if I may quote Douglas MacArthur, "I shall return!"


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