Friday, June 18, 2010

The Child in Us

Toy Story 3! Huh! I know writing about it can be quite risky. It could mean you are immature and have never outgrown your childhood, or perhaps, stuck in a 6-grader mindset. I don’t know, but, maybe yeah! I guess, somehow, Pixar packaged the story too entertainingly that you could forget that toys cannot move nor speak. More than great graphics, I believe the lessons behind the story are Walt Disney’s primary driver for a movie sale.

In this third part of the Toy Story sequel, Andy, the passionate toy-keeper is getting ready to go to college. He has grown a lot through the years and has come to the point where he has to decide among four ways to deal with his childhood toys: a) keep them in the attic, b) throw them away, c) donate to the Day Care center, or d) take it with him to college.
Naturally, a passionate toy-keeper would want to put all these toys in an attic or a junk room, which also became Andy’s decision. Then, comes the real start of it all. Instead of putting them in a box labeled “Attic”, he, like any young kid failed to follow mom’s instructions to the dot and put them in a garbage plastic instead. Distracted by his little sister who had difficulty carrying a box of her own toys, he laid his own bag down and helped his sister out. Suddenly, Andy’s mother comes out and slightly tripped on the plastic bag. Thinking it was Andy’s waste bag, she carried it out of the house and onto the ground ready for the garbage collector, which started Woody and his friends’ adventure. As the story progresses, you will find them surprisingly getting into dirty hands of Day Care boys and girls who treated the toys quite roughly, a rude encounter with Lotso, the menace whose notoriety rooted from a sad past, and eventually to a close-“death” experience inside the metal furnace. For the purpose of exciting those who haven’t seen the movie yet, I would like to put this story-telling to a close to give them an end to look forward to.

For a moviegoer, I would say that this movie is worth your spending. It could very well be one of the future animation classics that will last a very long time. If you are a family person with young kids, I recommend you watch it with them. Vibrant colors, funny graphics and animation can be enjoyed by your kids. The story is packed with lessons ranging from how to value personal belongings and toys, loyalty, family relationship, friendships, leadership, integrity, to thrilling love moments between Ken and Barbie, and Buzz and Jessie. You can share moments of laughter from characters like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Hamm, slinky head, and others.  Great actors, directors, artists, animators and illustrators make up the crew and casts which makes the entire experience truly worth the time and money. SM cinemas offer the 3D version which I also believe would bring it all to another level.

To conclude, I’d say, our childhood plays a great role in who we have become today. Although growing involves putting some things behind, that childish part in us will remain as we age…. and will probably, in fact, become more apparent when in old age.

Tomatometer gives Toy Story 3 100%.


  1. wow, uncle mike... you watched it na.. i have not watched it yet but hopefully, one of these days.. I love woody and buzz.... (jared)

  2. Ey! Jared Boy! If you were here in Cebu, I would have watched that with you. You take good care of mommy, daddy and auntie tata.. :)

  3. Wow mike you're old!:)Uncle Mike!

  4. i have just watched Toy Story 1 and will watch the 2nd one next Saturday. if i enjoyed this one, im sure i will enjoy the 3rd one as well what with all the more improved graphics and animation of the present day technology. i absolutely agree that there will always be a child in each one of us. in fact, i think that is the very part that enables us to enjoy little things in life...and i suppose it keeps us "young", too! (wink)

  5. @abel: just like you are Tiyo Abel to your nephews and nieces... grrr... oh by the way, Congrats to your Free France Tour.. it must have been fun huh!

    @tatz: thanks for catching my back. hahaha.. enjoy the Toy Story Sequel.. It is enjoyable and absolutely wholesome.. you could in fact do an hour lecture with Jared after you watch it with him. There are a lot of lessons which can be learned from the movie. miss you all!

  6. The amount of hours and creative work put in making Toy Story 3 would also blow you away.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet Mike, but I predict that Toy Story 3 would effortlessly snatch the Oscar next year. 6/8 for Pixar!

  7. wow! at last! the father of all bloggers have left my site a comment! Congrats!

    I agree bren. They should merit an award for the effort, to say the least. And the story was seamlessly wholesome. Great for people of all ages. 2 thumbs up!


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