Monday, January 7, 2013

To Mind You

I think of you
You drive me mad
Oh yes,that true
And because I can't have you, it's sad.

I push hard
Sometimes beyond my limits
But I was never lucky in the cards
Always not the way I see it.

You fill my imagination
And it gives me inspiration
But each time all my attempts fail
I sulk at the corner frail.

I paint the skies blue by force
But why is it always grey
I work it like a horse
Still my efforts get dumped in a hay.

Why does it seem so difficult
To keep you for me?
And even putting all these to halt
Is still not easy, you see.

I still think of you
You drive me mad
Oh yes, that's true
If God grants me you, I'll be glad.


  1. Poet man diay ka :-) Nice one Mike.

  2. someday, somewhere, sometime ^_^

    ok ra na at least naay epek imong emotioness, poet Mike. :D


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