Friday, January 4, 2013

We Got Labeled

Labeled has lately become the popular destination for yuppies. Located at a very strategic place in the city, the work-stressed employees hang around at the strike of 6 pm and sometime tarries until early dawn the following day just to chat, chill, and relax. The bar stacks bottles of imported whisky, cold beer, vodkas, and many more. It also offers selections of good food from deep-fried crispy pata, sisig, spicy chicken, to beer match fries and crunchy cheese sticks. Whether one hangs out to unload serious heartaches to friends or just stick around for fun meet-ups, Labeled has undoubtedly increased its popularity. For my friends, it is a venue that bore witness to most of their first tasting (of J├Ągermeister, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Tecate, Lefe, Stella Artois, Early Times, Heinekin, etc.).

My top pick from the beer matches would be the frequently ordered crispy sticks generously filled with huge slices of probably Labeled's signature cheese mix and served hot with garlic mayo dip. They also serve breakfast meals for starving guests any time of the day.


Something about the place makes me feel homey. Firstly, it is situated at very close proximity to the apartment I go home to in Cebu. Secondly, I see familiar places of people from my hometown, Dumaguete. One is the part-owner of the said bar who, in my recollection, happens to be a member of the family who owns Lee Super Plaza, the longest operating mall in my small hometown (see Addendum).* Given these reasons, I seem to confidently make my way into the shop in my usual shirt, pair of shorts, and slippers. I feel that sometimes I get that disapproving look from the crew, although, my frequent visits may have lulled it a bit despite having to be in a crowd of sharply and smartly clothed customers. Tolerance and acceptance, I presume, is achieved by constancy.

I am not an alcohol addict and when I say "frequent" in this article, I mean visits of twice or thrice in a month. I go there not only for the whisky but also for the "cheese sticks" (smiley) and must I say, the carefree ambiance. Labeled does not fall in the category of cheap disco house nor of highly expensive elite bars. It is also not for the foul-mouths, loud and seemingly uneducated crowd. It is for people who hang-out for casual, intelligent, and fun conversations over a bottle of beer, whisky, vodka, or what-have-yous. It is with the latter that me and my group of friends would rather be labeled.

Price Peek (prior to SIN tax):
Johnnie Walker Black (1L) - P1600
Jagermeister (700ml) - P1000
Stella Artois - P120
Red Bull (can) - P180
Soda (can) - P60
Cheese Sticks - P140
Potato Wedges - P150
Sisig - P180

LABELED Liquor Store + Bar
Location: Unit 3, Green Orkid Commercial Center at N Escario St., 6000 Cebu City
Contact Information: 
Phone -   2669087
Email  -

Opening hours:
Liquor Store - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Bar - 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

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* I just verified the word from a friend that Labeled - Cebu is just a second branch. The other location is in Dumaguete, too. This explains why I somehow feel a little homesick and nostalgic when I am in the bar.

Further Readings:

LABELED Bar and Restaurant
Location: Jose Romero Road, City of Dumaguete, Central Visayas
Contact Information: 
Phone    (035) 422.8768

The following facilities are available in its Dumaguete location:
* Dance Floor
* White Room (VIP Chill Lounge)
* Private KTV Rooms
* Cafe / Al Fresco
* Liquor Bars

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