Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Quickie Meal 1: Sunburst Combo

When hunger strikes me, I forget all other cares and my mind is focused to just one purpose. Find the right food at the right place, the quickest way.

Marching hastily through frustration, I made my way to Ayala Terraces undisturbed. I was hungry and mentally complaining. Prior this, I walked to my bank from work sacrificing lunch so I can get to the bank while early and less crowded. To my dismay, as soon as I walked in, the huge "Offline" signs at the tellers' desk glared at me. Frustrated, I decided to hop to another bank for another transaction that was supposed to come second after the first to avoid going in circles. Luckily, my bank transaction there was swift as wind.

Now, my stomach was making strange sounds. I knew I had to feed the minions (thinking of the trending Despicable Me characters) inside. A quick meal was certainly the answer I need for this physiological demand.

That answer I found in Sunburst. Sunburst originated in Iligan City and was formerly named A & C Chicken and Pizza House (1). It gained fame and quickly spread to over 10 branches nationwide in 2010 and probably doubled its number 3 years after. Five of its locations I spotted in Cebu which kind of made Sunburst and Cebu tightly associated. My friends in Manila always remember Cebu through their Sunburst experience.

Sunburst fried chicken definitely sets itself apart from Jollibee, KFC, or McDonalds in terms of fried chicken. Their cooking does not include the batter that usually does the trick of making the parts look huge and puffy. Still, the chicken skin crackles at every bite. This they pride themselves of to the point that they decided to include a plate of crispy chicken skin in their menu.

See more items on the menu here.

This visit, however, highlights their Combo Meals that are usually the fastest-served order between 10AM to 2PM daily.

Photo from here.

What's on the plate?

1 cup rice
4 pcs lumpia shanghai
2 pcs fried chicken (usually the wing part)
sauteed noodles (canton/bihon/sotanghon)
* served with 1 glass iced tea

What's the price? All for P135.

Sometimes all you need is a quickie. And wow, aren't quickies delicious!

Location and Contact Details
Sourced here.

Sunburst Fried Chicken Restaurant
Telephone No: (6332) 254-9400, 254-9500

Address: SM City Cebu, , ,CebuCity,Cebu,Philippines
Telephone No: (6332) 233-1820/1850

Address:GF Mahogany Court,Archbishop Reyes Ave.,Archbishop Reyes Ave.,CebuCity,Cebu,Philippines
Telephone No: (6332) 233-9275



  1. I didn't know gikan diay ni sa Iligan ang Sunburst :-) Always thought na diri na sa Cebu hehehe

    1. Right. I thought so too... and Manila folks always associate it to Cebu. haha. :D

  2. I don't but the quickie word stuck in my head after reading. lol


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