Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three and Counting

I saw trees grow
Flowers bloom
Streams flow
Colorful rainbows ... --
You blossom
And my world, suddenly,
Once empty
Started making sense.
Love struck me.

I wrote songs,
I did a lot of wrongs
Then there was you..
And then a few right ones, too.

You said, it is just a trial
Maybe a week is all it'll take
But we, strong in refusal...
Three months and more we'll make.

Life is short babe
But your potentials are limitless
Dream big, reach far,
Hope much, Fear less.

Trees they die
Flowers go dry
Streams dry up
Rainbows fade
But you will age in grace
And I, with meaning.
My heart's content at every beating.


  1. Inspired kaayo akong amigo da :-)

  2. Gikilig lagi kaau ko. ♥
    More months, years, decades, & centuries ninyo! ayyyyeeee


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