Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sunday, 2PM Specials

There is a chocolate cake I go crazy about. The type that makes you drool even at the slightest thought of it. It was by no means a Sunday, but I was up to hunt for Sunday 2PM Cafe*.... Yeah! You read it right.

Sunday 2pm is how that Korean coffee shop is named. Sheltered at the ground floor of Sarrosa Hotel this coffee shop looks pink and dainty. I wouldn't have gone had it not been for the persistent and insistent invitation of another blogging friend** whose affair with cafés can drive you nuts. But I did go and it was all worth the ride to F. Cabahug St., (a street I would usually avoid going to as there is only one jeepney (03-A) that passes through it). It was a visit I will remember Cebu for because of a sinful delight. Must I go into further details?...

Of course. It may not be our first to hear about cakes being called "devil" or "sin", but, their Chocolate Sin Cake is "the one to reckon with". I didn't let audacity drive me to the point of asking their attendant if the owner did the baking but I was already letting myself sink into the luring sweet other-worldly dimension. The kind of world where nothing else matters except that subtle sweetness and bitterness blending in harmony as the creamy dark chocolate melts in the mouth and bursts into a glorious "hmmmm" spelled in the walls of  imagination. It is so transporting such that a loud distraction is necessary to snap you out from the quiet.

Chocolate Sin Cake.... Spellbinding!

(tinkles and loud conversation..!)
I hate to take you back to reality but the sin cake is not their only food. They do have a wide selection of "snackables" to choose from: toasts, flavored and blended drinks, hot and cold coffee mixes, panini, and many more. All those either handwritten or cut and pasted on a worn out, ordinary "notebook". Seriously? How outdated can you get? But ain't the "old" and "simple" the latest new and posh?

(left) a page of the Slam book Menu | (center) "THE cake" and a Taro Blend | (right) library, post-its, interior

Obviously, these type of cafés proliferate lately. In the list of good Korean contributions to Philippine trends, this is certainly one of it. Filipinos go back to the shop for many reasons: for the library of books, laze on comfortable and raw interiors, to catch local gossips and stories from post-its, spelling and grammar patrolling. I go back to Sunday 2PM to sketch and scribble... and sin (embarassed). Darn! That Chocolate Sin Cake's put a spell on me!

* the name is taken from the owner's (Sean Yoo) favorite day and time of the week. Details from here.
** photos here are courtesy of Laagholic.

Sunday 2PM Cafe
Sarrosa International Hotel and Residential Suites
F. Cabahug St. Cor. Pres. Quirino
Ayala Access road, Mabolo
Cebu City, Philippines 6000

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  1. Obvious kaayo kay other-worldly na ang huna2. Hahaha.

  2. Kinsa man gyud na imong friend na into coffeeshops. Pwede pa meet? :)

    Baktin Corporation

    1. Sayon ra na... baktin, meet buyog. Haha..

    2. Hahahaha :)) Naa na pud na sila bago na discover, Bren. Cafe Namoo. Murag Cafe Noriter. Adto nya sa page ni Buyog :)

    3. Ahihihihi. Kiat kau ning 3 ay. :D

    4. Cafee Namoo or Cafe Nilaa or Cafe Natoo? :)


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