Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Raining Discounts with S&R Club Pricing

We had plenty of rain due to typhoon "Ruby" but it is still raining "discounts" in S&R shopping center!

There is high demand for practicality and frugality ever since people learned about the greenhouse effect and the reality that the things we enjoy today are not eternal. Even the idea of death presents the need for people to stay healthy and exercise to live longer. Hence, we are gradually becoming more and more conscious of the value of the things we possess. Since not all things are enjoyed for free, we find better ways to extend the value of money.

Discounts! Buy 1 take 1! Free! Great value! These are words and labels which top the results when we run our mental search engine looking for a certain item in a grocery or department store. Sometimes we scavenge through a mound just to find the discounted item because they become out of stock too fast. Not so much at S&R. There is always enough items tagged with an "S&R Club Pricing" logo for members.

Hot among the picks this December are Christmas decorations. The store has imported LED Christmas lights designs which you won't see anywhere else except in S&R.

LED lights are always the better option compared to incandescent bulb decors. Because they are packaged very nicely, they appear to be a little bit expensive compared to the latter, however, the long term savings is non-debatable. A LED bulb normally consumes 0.96 watts -- a far cry from the 5 watts power consumption of an incandescent Christmas light bulb. It lasts longer too! Click here for further details of the comparison.

Other than the bright Christmas lights, S&R Club Pricing tags are also on colorful cookie and cake jars, huge Santa stockings, and some Christmas tree ornaments. There are lanterns, ribbons, and snowman too! But, hey! S&R Club Pricing is not only on Christmas items. You can find the same tags on regular electric coffee makers, microwave oven, and air coolers too --- all potential gift items for our love ones this Christmas time.  View the complete catalog here.

Why wait and suffer at long lines at groceries or malls  when you can be shopping where you enjoy privileges and you are a priority. If you are already a member, pay S&R membership Shopping a visit today. The store is open for extended hours this December (see photo below for details). Remember at S&R "membership means low prices".

Not yet a member? Don't worry. It's easy. All you need is a valid ID, a filled out membership form (available in S&R's membership section), and membership fee. Get your card in less than 15 minutes. Trust me. I just became a member myself.

For more information, visit the membership page in S&R's website. Like their FB page.

Note: All images were sourced from both the home site and the FB page.


  1. Member ka didto, Mike?

  2. Balita-i ko please kung naay Greek yogurt heheheheh Been looking for that, wala gyud sa supermarket :( Thanks!!

    1. orayts.. sa sunod nakong adto.. mao na una nakong ipangutana.. haha

    2. Khonie, they have Greek Yogurts!


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