Friday, December 19, 2014

Time for an S&R Holiday Feast!

“Pizza.. Pizza pa more!”
I swear all our friends would have raved loudly if they joined us that night. Unfortunately, there were only two of us and so, we ate to our hearts’ content until we said “Pizza, no more!”

Who would not put their hands up on a pizza that was more than twice the regular of common brands? I could barely even carry the whole box in one hand. I had no choice but hold it like a big tray. It felt heavier by the minute so I either had to put down the box or let the edge rest on my paunch a little bit while I hold the far opposite side with fully extended arms.

Nobody gets underserved with S&R’s Holiday Feast! For only P999, you can already have the pizza with 6 large Southern Style Fried Chicken cuts and three 22 oz sodas.

You fall in line at the Food Service counter when you order. Sometimes the line is long because of large following but it kind of serves the purpose of building up the craving for the food item you are buying. The pizzas are served fresh from the oven and so are the chicken from the fryer. When they called my number, I rushed to the Claim section to fetch my S&R Holiday Feast. Sporting a broad smile I held the boxes on shoulder level and smelled the exciting aroma of burnt cheese and spices.

It was my first S&R pizza and I was flabbergasted to see such beauty – colorful like a Christmas tree! Cheese and tomato sauce spread evenly on the crust made beautiful background to meat, pepperoni, capsicum, onion and olive toppings. I asked my friend to hold a slice but there was no way she could hold it on one hand without it drooping. So, there you go -- a pizza slice on two hands for the camera!

The crust was cooked the way I liked it: chewy and full. The fried chicken was crispy on the outside, juicy and flavorful inside. What I loved best was its moderate batter coating. Most fast-foods have too much.

Like a hungry glutton on a feast, I chomped, held a pizza on one hand and fried chicken on another. I wish we had the appetite of Americans so we could finish everything. Although I started convinced that I CAN – I ended up surrendering with plenty of leftovers. It was very delightful and literally a feast.

We left the shop satisfied and I had plenty of extras that can feed me for several days more (me, thinking greedily). While we walked to where the taxis were, we passed by a family, a lady, and a man holding a plastic bag. As much as I wanted to keep the food for myself, I eventually gave all of it to them. After all, it’s Christmas!

My friend later sent me a message that night which I decide to use as closing. She typed, “S&R holiday feast is not just a crazy bargain or a meal shared with someone you already know. Being able to share the Southern Style Fried Chicken with a family of street dwellers[1] and the New York Pizza with a lady street sweeper[2], and a “mangangalakal”[3] – is the true holiday feast.  A holiday feast is being able to share your blessings with random people who can never give anything back in return except for a heartfelt “thank you” (spoken or not).”

[1] A homeless family who were just opening a plastic of cooked rice and a few pieces of dried fish when we passed by
[2] Lady street sweeper
[3] A term in Philippines fondly used referring to a person survived by collecting garbage.

So, why wait? Go get yourself and your friends S&R’s Holiday Feast today! Promo ends on December 31, 2014.

Not yet an S&R member? Don't worry. It's easy. All you need is a valid ID, a filled out membership form (available in S&R's membership section), and membership fee. Get your card in less than 15 minutes. Trust me. I just became a member myself.

For more information, visit the membership page in S&R's website. Like their FB page.


  1. Another S&R Pizza parokyano. whahahah
    Dri mi mgceleb ug sweldo day sa akong mga kauban. :D
    So far ang pinakalami for me ang Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza nila.
    We love their bottomless drinks nga sagol2x, too. Hehehe
    You should try their roasted chix pd, Mike. Lami xa & with free 1L soda.

    Laagholic Buyog

    1. Bee, let's hang-out there one time. Show me where the goods are. :D


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