Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quiet. Hashhhh (Hush)...

Everything is in slow motion
At times, no longer any action
Everyone's to and fro
but I am drowsy through and throhhh*...

Conversations are mumbles
Words spoken in blur
Coffee cup I almost fumbled
My speech, a slorrr*...

When you're sleepy
It's hard to be happy.
Can't smile in glee
I am so sorrehhh*..

Tick tock, sound of the clock
Time's a ryhthm.
Tip Toe, sheeps they flock
Count stars, hum a hemnnnn*...


Sky is blue
Paint a dark hue
Leave no clue
I'll miss yohhhh*...

zzzZZZzz bees buzz
zzzZZZzz what's the fuzz?
zzzZZZzz there is no rush
zzzZZZzz quiet. hashhhh*.. zzzZZZzz

* Misspellings intended

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