Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hearts and Pancakes

The world is round
and so are pancakes
sometimes dry like flour
and a pinch of baking powder

Milk quenches the thirst
But butter, salt and sugar in a bowl first
Mix with beat eggs in a circular motion
Make that love potion.

Waiting 10 minutes
Is like several months
Batter to grow
Love, you know.

Brush butter
When the pan is hot
Scoop batter
Pour flat.

You know it's time when its brown
Fan the flame 'til you remove the frown
Say the words and she will agree
Yes, Yes, Yes --- fly free.

Stack 3 says "I love you"
Five says "I love you so much"
Egg and beef strips on top
Drizzle some honey and a drop.

Pancakes. Crazy pancakes.
Oh for Christ's sake!
Just eat them, okay?
Dream of now and years away.

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