Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Mountains Call

The Mountains Call
- Isaiah 40:9 -

Life is a talk of mountains
Sometimes, a struggle to overcome;
Or big, overwhelming burdens -
In a season or some.

But mountains aren't always bad
They're a happy pill for wanderers
A solace for them feeling sad
A quiet home for each sojourner.

As I sat amidst the tumult
I heard the faint mountain call
My heart beat to catapult
Away from the noise of it all.

I sounded the alarm
My friends heard the uproar
So off we went like a swarm --
The mountains - they call!

Mountains are lofty.
A footstool for all to see
Beyond the horizon-concealed beauty
Displays God's creativity.

Take the mountains as pedestals.
On each setup a milestone.
Every achievement - monumental
Per promotion, a reminding stone.

At the peak, speak aloud with fervor
Shout til your lungs grow tired
Say "I am more than a conqueror.
In Jesus - I feel inspired."

The mountains call
And I shall hearken
I will stand tall
Until comes heaven.

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