Friday, April 10, 2015

Indian Curry House, Finally!

Old Store in Mabolo, Cebu

This was in my bucket list for 2 - 3 years since I first saw the shop at its old location (P. Almendras St, Mabolo, 6000 Cebu) and ever since my colleague raved about it multiple times. I visited the place myself quite a number of times too but it was never open until I found out online that it had stopped operating. It closed before I even had the chance to understand my confrere's excitement about the place. There was not much news about it so I figured, it must have gone bankrupt or the owner just called it quits.*


It was not until a year ago that I learned about its transfer to a new location near SM Cebu City. Thanks to the same raving friend who tipped me about it. His persistent persuasion really got me excited all over again.

Finally, the day has come. Along with another hunter, we hit on it. The location, although a little pushed from the highway and discreetly tucked behind Angel Locsin and Mang Inasal, is still not lacking of foot traffic. It was already 8PM when I arrived and there were still a lot of people inside APM Mall across SM Cebu.

The store is not brightly lit, except for a few hanging handcrafted chandeliers. It worked for me as I wanted to get in unnoticed. Grand welcomes (also entrances) scare me so I felt comforted that the owner was preoccupied with paying customers. I casually looked up to their menu on a billboard and mentally recited my orders.

When Anjali, the gabby owner, asked for my order, I said it like I knew how they are pronounced:

     Fish Masala - 220
     Chicken Dal - 170
     Roti - 80 (20 per piece)
     Mutton Biryani - 220
     Mango Lassi - 70
     Sweet Lassi - 60

Among the orders, I gush for their Chicken Dal, Roti and Mutton Biryani. Roti was a personal recommendation by the owner over Naan as she says the former brings in more health benefits than the latter. It is made of whole wheat cooked on a tava or griddle. On the other hand, naan's primary ingredient is white flour brushed with butter and cooked in a tandoori oven.

Chicken Dal (upper left), Fish Masala, Roti (bottom)

Mutton Biryani

Tear roti by hand, brush it on (or on it) the chicken dal that is made of curried lentils, and taste the inexplicable diffused spicy flavor exploding in your mouth and exiting through your nostrils. Do it again, and do it fast because the chicken dal tastes a lot better when hot. Like a hungry earthling, take a spoonful of the biryani, then reach out for the fish masala, then the roti and chicken dal again. "Whooaaa" .. that was superb! The after effect of the spice will linger so make sure to wash it off with lassi.

Original and Mango Lassi

The other dishes I would certainly sample on a second visit would be:

     Idli Sambar
     Mutton Curry

How about you? Leave me a comment about your favorite Indian food. :)

Wallet Watch - P820
Anjali was nice enough to cut the P20 off the bill so we ended up paying only P800.

Famous Indian Curry House
APM Mall
10 AM - 10 PM
Contact: Anjali @ 0923 9827790 / 512-2740

*The change of venue, according, to owner was because of holdup and robbery incidents in the past.


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