Friday, September 7, 2012

Pasta, Hot in Pizza Hut

Who says Pizza Hut only makes pizza? They make good pastas too.

People go to food shops to scout for the cheapest meal set. Probably not everyone, but most people do. Wise buying, they say. is purchasing goods that have value for money. Only millionaires hit a shop and browses a menu based on appealing graphics or classy sounding names then snaps the finger to place the order. The common and rather wiser customers hit the shops and scout for the options that suit the budget, look at the picture if it is appealing, ask recommendation or common feedback about the selection from the waitress, pause... then finalize the order.

I happen to be one of the thinking customers (a common).

Like today, in a practice where you kind of use your craving as a compass to point the direction towards your food destination and your mind like a recorder where you rewind in search of shops that offer a match to your craving, I decided to stop at Ayala's Pizza Hut. I was tight on budget and resolved to spend lightheartedly no more than a hundred.

Pizza Hut, does not only sell pizzas in a box at a price range between P200-P400. They run occasional promos and they have the steady budget meal offer at 99 pesos. The latter entitles you to a 2-course meal of your choice and a refreshment. The image below shows the available options:

Crediting the dependability of my compass and recorder, I wasted no time ordering my usual set: 1) Ceasar's salad, 2) Spaghetti Bolognese, and 3) iced tea. As I have mentioned earlier, the store's not just about pizza, it's about everything else too like the aforementioned items.

PH's Ceasar salad is a plate of fresh green leafy lettuce (the non-typical type), croutons, fried bacon cutlets, and that sour-sweet, salty dressing combined to make that mouth watering entree. A dash of pepper and "who knows what else" leaves a spicy taste in the tongue. You know the leafy vegetable in a salad is fresh when it is crunchy and succulent.

The second entree was pasta, not pizza. Spaghetti bolognese is pasta in a stylish baking bowl with rich spaghetti sauce on top baked under sufficient temperature enough for cheese to melt evenly with the meat sauce. It's served with regular precautionary statement from serving staff "Be careful. The food is hot." It is best to have buddies around or play games on a smart phone when it is served so you do not stare funny at it until it's cooldown. It does take a good 3-5 minutes before it becomes ready for digging.

Drink the cold glass of iced tea prepared with just the right sweetness for finish.

Leaving the store after eating the same set of entrees oftentimes make me forget that they make good pizzas too. Oddly true.

Personal Assessment based on experience at the Ayala branch:

    Flavor/Taste            - 4
    Value for Money      - 5
    Presentation/Class  - 4
    Crew Service           - 3
    Ambiance                - 3

   Overall experience: Recommended

Pizza Hut 

2nd Level, Ayala Cebu, 
Cebu Business Park Shopping Center, 
Cebu City

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  3. Oh ow! I am one pasta monster!
    That "toasted buttery bread" is called croutons. Learned that from my tutee's mom. :)

  4. yey.. good to be learning something from you today. i'll make that change immediately. :D

  5. karon ra ka ana mike????hahahaha....been eating that in pizza hut for almost 2 years now. maulaw na gyud mi sa mga waitress everytime mosulod mi. "nia na sad ning mga inot", ingon ilang mga utok. So back to sbarro.

    1. totyala sa akong migoy uy.. dugay na pud ko gabisitihan ani pero karon lang na-blog.. hahaha.. that is why everytime I go to Pizza Hut, "... I waste no time ordering my usual set." Abel, start food blogging. Start with Sbarro. :D


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