Thursday, September 6, 2012

We Got Ribbed

I thought food blogging passed by me already until a long list of restaurants paraded before my eyes on my computer screen. It was a page referred by my colleague one Tuesday morning at work (see what lazy days can do to diligent employees?!). I browsed through it and noticed that some of the names seemed familiar but haven't been seen nowadays. When we checked on the posting date, it showed 2005. It's amazing how time quickly flies and some things run out of circulation too fast. Regardless, it was still a challenge hit on me hard at the time most unexpected.

Just today, while my confrere kept blabbering about food and restaurants, my ego hit on me again and I decided to give in. My hungry cells traveled straight to my brains in great speed, automatically scanning the perimeter like a satellite looking a kilometer radius away from Pioneer Building (my location). Like as if search is over and the target's located, I said "Surfin Ribs" excitedly aloud. With appetites rising at quarter to 12 noon, Surfin' Ribs got us ribbed.

So off we went to the station just a few blocks away.

Surfin' Ribs took over the place vacated by Flame It at N. Escario Street, alongside Golden Peak Hotel. From outside, one will notice their huge store sign and the wooden tables with benches inside. You can walk into the store directly since there are no built-in swing/slide doors. Classy diners made for 5-Star hotels may cower seeing that dining is exposed to the exhausts and dusts from passing vehicles along the highway. To us, however, it was just the right ambiance for a restaurant offering grilled ribs for a specialty. Besides, grilling food sinks in mostly as an outdoor activity, doesn't it?

Once inside, you will notice huge graphics illustrating their menu and food offerings. The brick wall interior adds a lot to its rowdy rodeo look and cleanliness is well maintained. Service crew are quick to attend to new customers and willingly waits 'til the orders are final. Since the servings were good for 2 to 3 persons we settled for a platter of the house specialty Spicy back ribs and a Shrimp Platter. In just a quarter of an hour, the food was served in neat presentations on big plates. The back ribs looked well done and came with corn and carrots sidings. The shrimps smelled so good sauteed in generous amount of garlic. The ingredient was so prevalent that you can't help but enjoy the bursting flavor of shrimp juice, butter and fried garlic in the mouth. The saltiness level, however, can be improved a little bit as it tasted just a little too much in my palate. On freshness, one can tell that the shrimps were freshly picked early that day.

The Spicy ribs didn't register as conventional. To most Filipinos, when something is labeled spicy, we associate it to being hot in the mouth due to chili. Their version was simply spicy (flavor of herbs) without a hint of hotness. A drop of hot sauce can definitely make the difference, if preferred. The mix of spicy ingredients plus sweet flavorful sauce, cooked to caramel texture is appetite gratifying.

That sumptuous lunch cost us only a total of P158.00 each.

     Shrimps Platter     - 149
     Spicy Ribs            - 159
     Extra Rice (4)       -  60
     Coke in can (3)     - 105

I asked fellow critics to rate the food and overall experience. Here's our result in average (5 being the highest):

    Flavor/Taste            - 4
    Value for Money     - 4
    Presentation/Class   - 3
    Crew Service           - 4
    Ambiance                - 3

   Overall experience: Just Ok

After that meal, we decided to walk our way to our office in the hope of doing away with some of the fats gained.

Surfin’ Ribs
Address: G&A Arcade, N. Escario St., corner Tojong St., Cebu City
Contact No.: 09179371495

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  1. "you won't help but enjoy the bursting flavor of shrimp juice, butter and fried garlic in the mouth." Now I'm hungry!

  2. I keep hearing about Surfin Ribs but still have not tried it. I'm a loser. Haha :D

  3. Mustachio.. you are far from loser. :P
    I'll be out of breath trying to catch up with you on your food spotting spree. Tsk. Thanks for droppin by.

  4. I agree with you, Mike.
    Mustachio is one hungry mustache. :p

  5. Mustache must be messed up when sipping hot soups! hahaha.. Ey Mustachio, I am a fan.

  6. Hahahaha My mustache is getting fat while my wallet is getting thin :-)


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