Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where Yakski Sounds More Like Yummy than Yucky

I have learned to unlove Larsian's after its grilled white marlin almost completely ruined my White Water Rafting experience in Cagayan de Oro due to severe diarrhea. Despite this personal decision, I still find my thoughts lingering from time to time on sweet thoughts of barbecue, grilled fish, siomai sa Tisa, and the experience of dining amidst noisy crowd, handpicking their food. I sometimes find myself feeling sour thinking how I could pass the craving just because of that one instance.

.. But, hey, am I glad to find another food spot in Cebu that provides the same food experience!

Pork Sticks. Photo from here.

Tucked behind 7-Eleven in  Don Mariano Cui St. Capitol Site of Cebu City is Yakski Barbecue. It is usually dark in this part of Cebu at night but Yakski is alive and alight. Prior to getting into the place, you would notice people loitering at nearby food stalls and convenience store. Get past the busy crowd and you will find Yakski.

At their grilling station, you will find raw cutlets of marinated pork meat, chicken gizzard, chicken liver, and fish. Chicken leg slices in sticks look very appealing, displayed half-cooked, and showing lines of grill burns. The crew is hard to miss since they work in black uniforms with apron proudly glaring with DOT's slogan "it is more fun in the Philippines".

One very outstanding attribute I will gladly give Yakski Barbecue is "affordability" and while its name sounds like "yucky", their food is in fact "yummy". They serve ice-cold beer and other products like home-made peanut butter. Topping all that is their nicely ventilated space that won't stick smoke stench in your clothes when you leave.

Go, visit today!

Yakski Barbecue
268-B Don Mariano Cui St. Capitol Site, Cebu City
Contact Nos. (0917) 32 25754 / (32) 414-2008 / 09321096769

See image gallery in their Facebook page and website.


  1. Mike Libyy!!! You should try the one near R.Landon Street. It's waaaaay better than Yakski. :D

    1. Are you referring to the sidewalk barbecue stalls along Ramos St. opposite R.Landon?


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