Monday, September 2, 2013

Random Finds: Amnezia Super Club

Picture taken in Amnezia a year ago during our company's Year-End Celebration.


Clubs in the Philippines (especially in the past) usually get the popular notion of being a lair of strippers, whores and whoremongers, drugs, and sexual perversion. These days, clubs are bright lights, neon lights, fun, friends' hangout, KTV, and a place for social events. The definition has evolved to a much lighter note and quite remarkably wholesome perception. Clubs in Cebu like Amnezia hosts special events such as company celebrations, birthdays, Halloween party, and even provide the venue for formal programs like contests and small-scale concerts. They have function rooms available and versatile enough to suit various types of events.

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Contact Details:
Amnezia Superclub
Location: Ouano Avenue, Beside Total Gas Station, North Reclamation Area, 6014 Mandaue City
Mobile Numbers: +639177777680 / +639351814111 / 420-9251 / 520-3305


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