Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adobo Rice, Like No Other!

Here's what I go back to Gerry's Grill for. A complete rice meal wrapped in a banana leaf and shaped to look like the banana heart (blossom or puso ng saging). It is very Filipino and absolutely sumptuous. Small chunks of cooked pork adobo is mixed into the cooked rice to create that mouth-watering salty, sweet blend. The black pepper ingredient will definitely make you spoon the plate clean. Good for sharing for two at Php 175.00. Dig in!

Adobong Puso Rice

Chicken Kebab at Php 195.00 is another option you can choose when you are out of it (lol). It is served fresh in four sticks of grilled chicken cubes, slices of mushrooms and halves of the onion bulb. Quite a delicious treat for a hungry stomach. Pick it!

Chicken Kebab - Photo from food.silkenhut.
Lastly, stay cheap and simple with Pork BBQ at Php 145. The BBQ sauce marinade obviously does the trick for this dish. Order extra rice and "voila", a meal.

Pork BBQ

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  1. Replies
    1. Korak. The rice & chicken kebab looks so lami. :D
      bwahaha! Ang mga hilig kaon ay.

      Laagholic Buyog

    2. Uu.. naay panahon nga mangita ra gyud ko anang Adobong puso. Pede na man gud walay sud-an kay kumpleto na. wootwoot.. namnam.

  2. walay humba rice mike?haha...murag mas lami gyud ang humba kaysa adobo!:)

    1. mao gyud bel. puhon makapanag-iya kog carenderia.. mao na akung buhaton. haha. :D


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