Saturday, March 16, 2013

Befriending Bataan

It would be utterly disappointing if I have foregone writing about Bataan. It was a destination I almost gave up especially because I had to decide between La Union or Baler for a side trip from our Mt. Pinatubo itinerary. When a friend suggested about ending our trip at Corregidor, it got me so caught up to the idea that I insisted I squeeze that into our schedule. Mariveles, Bataan was the closest jump-off point to the historic Corregidor, geographically although the latter belongs to the province of Cavite. Little did I know, this trip brought a lot of fun that it would be sorely wrong to miss.

From Olongapo, we were dropped by the taxi driver somewhere along the hi-way as soon as we chanced on a passing bus that was headed for Morong. It took us almost an hour and at around 6:15PM to finally arrive there. With starving stomachs we waited for another 30 mins for the next bus schedule to continue traveling to Bagac which was also another 45 mins. We were all tired slightly dismissing fears despite the fact that we were traveling in very unfamiliar territory late in the evening. We were doing more than once what most people would advise, "If in doubt, ask." Finally at past 8PM we were already at the gate of what they popularly call "Housing". An old lady sensed we were tourists, so she walked us to the tricycle station and asked the driver herself to take us to Fajardo's Beach Resort. In less than 10 minutes we already entered Brgy. Pag-asa where the resort was located. Thanks to Mrs. Edna Fajardo, owner of the beach resort, who has unceasingly messaged me instructions to the site and who has assured that her caretakers were properly informed about our arrival. If it was not for her, my anxieties would have certainly doubled. We were escorted to a hut outside the pavilion room after we aired our decision to take Maam Edna's recommended hut instead. The hut, at P1000 a night, was spacious enough for three persons and also has a restroom inside. I added 100 for an additional mat. After settling down, we walked to the hi-way to find a place where we could eat for dinner. Although it was obvious that most shops have closed since it was already 10PM in the barrio, let alone a Burger Machine stall, we refused to give up and asked a tricycle driver if there were other open restaurants near the area. It was then that he brought us to Marivic's eatery. Ate Marivic was already summing her sale for the day when we arrived at the gate. Feeling a little intrusive, I mustered what courage I had to ask if her store was still open to serve hungry customers. She said she has already closed and looked at us for what seemed like the longest minute that evening, before she gave the options. From the options of frozen goods, we asked her to cook for us chorizo and ordered a serve of her home cooked laing.

(Far Left): Kuya Willie and Ate Marivic at the gate of Marivic's Luncheonette.

We were having fun eating and at the same time engaging the owners in a friendly conversation since they were quite inquisitive about our whereabouts. I gladly shared to them our itinerary for the next day which Ate Marivic interjected with recommendations. This, I find very important when traveling and consider this a tip: Always be friendly to the locals and engage them in as much talk as you can. Although you could run in the risk of becoming deceived, but most of the time, if you have extended some friendliness and kindness, they actually are your most updated information source. In this case, I was talking to the owners about going to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. Immediately, Ate Marivic gave a valuable recommendation that proved to be very cost efficient for us (message me here for the details as I am uncertain it is for public knowledge). Also, Kuya Willie jumped in, offering his motorcycle services. It felt like we were really brought there for a very good reason and that God has been kind to extend favor. We reciprocated by giving them our commitment to eat at their eatery for every meal we will take while in Bagac.

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Mrs. Edna Fajardo
Fajardo Beach Resort
Brgy. Pag-Asa , 2107 Bagac, Bataan

Mobile Nos: +639202198742 / +09175548655 / +09183263333 / +09102033547

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Marivic's Luncheonette
Mobile No.: 09214548500

Kuya Willie's Motorcycle Services
Mobile No.: 09395749222


  1. tabian kau ka ani nga blog, Mike. :D

    1. Haha. Huwat sa sumpay ani.. kay ma-buhong ka sa adjectives. tsk. tsk. me.. bad writer. :( hehe

  2. sir Michael, thank you for blogging about my mom and dad. We are so happy when we saw it. Hope that you can come back at bataan and visit our parents again. God bless

    1. Hi Icah, thanks for dropping by. Blogging about your mom and dad was easy because there are so many good things to say about them. When we were in Bataan, we felt like as if we were residents of the place for years already because your parents were very good with instructions. Their text messages even guided us to Marivelles which is quite far from Bagac. I and my friends will definitely want to come back. And if we do, I'd like to see them again. Send our regards to them. May God give them long fruitful years because of their generosity. Keep in touch. :)


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