Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pampanga's Ikabud

Both internet and word of mouth got me interested about Ikabud. They say it is one of Angeles City's popular restaurants. I and my travel companions got ourselves looking for its location taking with us only a couple of instructions from the receptionist in Gani Hotel where we stayed for 2 nights. In my travels, I realized that it was oftentimes, if not all the time, convenient to stay in pension houses located near where most establishments are.

When we finally arrived at the place, we noticed that everyone was busy. True to the reviews, we found ourselves self-navigating, looking for that great spot in the restaurant since there were no available waiting crew. It was also a little noisy with all sounds coming from diners boisterously laughing, excitedly chatting, clinking of glasses and plates from kitchen crew, and loud music somewhere. For me, it was just the right setup. I needed no special attention anyway, at least for choosing the table location. Finally, a staff got off-loaded and brought to us a huge cardboard menu. We spent time browsing through it and eventually picked Salpicao, Pinakbet, and Sisig (Pampanga's best).

Salpicao was a mix of ingredients, pretty much of seafood (tahong, squid, shrimps), some pork cuts, mushrooms, and vegetables (peas, squash, bell pepper). If salpicao sounds much of a beef recipe for you, then you will be surprised. However, they are not in lack of that option. They serve Beef Salpicao, too. You just have to specify. (Price: P210)

Pinakbet is a mixture of vegetables (squash, string beans, eggplant, ampalaya, lady fingers, tomato, bell pepper, etc). Although pinakbet recipe usually contains the dominant shrimp paste or bagoong ingredient, I, however found it difficult to identify that in the taste. On the other hand, I recall tasting ground peanuts somewhere (either in salpicao or in this dish). (Price: P98)

Sisig, known to be one of Pampanga's best was served to us on a sizzling plate. This menu is mainly the face skin of pork head chopped into tiny cubes with broiled pork liver. The spices (siling labuyo, ground black pepper, onions, bay leaves) and the rest of the ingredients (salt, vinegar, kalamansi) make up for its taste. This, in the Philippines is always a good beer match. (Price: P185)

Overall, I will merit Ikabud for serving fresh ingredients, great menu variety and serving size. Taste, price, ambiance and service were just okay.

Ikabud already has a branch in SM Clark. However, if you like dining outside too commercial areas, find its Hensonville branch. Here's how.:

1. Walk to the Main Gate Friendship Terminal. (Ask the security guards for instructions.)
2. Before reaching the terminal, stop at the Mini Stop (convenience store) corner.
3. Take a jeepney bound to Hensonville. Jeepney fare is P8.00 .

Other places to eat in Angeles:
  Mr. KimBob (BibimBob)
  Korean Bakery

The Ikabud branches:


View Larger Map

1. Richtofen Road, Malabanias, Angeles City
2. 29-19 S.L. Orosa St., Diamond Subd., Balibago
3. Ground Floor, SM City Clark
4. G/F Marquee Mall, North Luzon Expressway, Angeles City

           625-8232 (Balibago)
           322-7067 (Hensonville)
           499-0136(SM Clark)
           437-9273 (Marquee Mall)

Cuisine: Filipino
Hours of business: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm


  1. I shouldn't have read this at this time. My stomach's grumble worsen. hehehe.
    Yum yum food.

    1. Ey. Hahha. I bet u went out lookin for pinakbet.

    2. It's the sisig that I wanna have, Mike. :D

    3. Tsk. Wrong guess.. :D

  2. Thank you for sharing the map! Will visit the place soon. I want to taste that sisig! :)


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