Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where to Eat in Angeles


When you are but a sojourner to a place, starved and you don't know where you can find safe and good food, the nearest malls and nationwide fast food shops are the best way to go to. In Angeles, Pampanga, after checking in Gani Hotel from the airport, we headed out to SM Angeles City. It took us only about 5 to 15 minutes to finally reach the mall by foot. Despite hunger, we decided to scan the foodcourt for anything appealing and new. We were eyeing for Pampanga dishes, however, none came up worth looking back. We didn't stop looking until we reached the last stall. It looked set apart from the regular restaurants we passed by and interestingly had a long line of customers waiting to make an order and pay to the cashier. Obviously, it was fast food but not the common ones you see in almost all places in the Philippines.

Mr. Kimbob stall in SM Clark (Angeles)

Their Menu Board

Mr. KimBob is a Korean restaurant that offers a variety of Korean Meal Combos from Bulgogi to Japche and Donkatsu. They also have their famous Bibimbob plate that contains almost a small portion of each type of vegetable they had available, rice at the center, topped with fried sunny side up egg and marinated beef cuts . They serve their dishes sizzling hot. We noticed that the customers pour a lavish amount of the chili paste on the plate so we followed.

(Right) Bibimbob

Like most Korean food, the dish especially with the chili is like level 3 spicy and HOT. For one who likes chili flavored food, I'd say it was just perfect to diffuse my jetlag and fatigue. I finished meal 16 (Chicken Bites) in a flash. My two other companions ordered each a Bibimbob (a personalized name for the original Bibimbap Korean recipe) and had to pick out some of the vegetables they didn't like to eat. Among the blanched vegetables in Bibimbob were kangkong, chayote, carrots and cabbage (blanched and kimchi version). I would still have eaten all that but my spicy chicken bites were just enough which by the way was priced neatly at 99 sizzling pesos.

(Left) Sizzling Chicken Bites. (Right) that starved sojourner.

It was a great food start in Angeles and fun knowing that Mr. KimBob has yet to reach the Visayas and Mindanao regions in the Philippine archipelago.

Find Mr. Kimbob locations here.

Other food stops in Angeles City, Pampanga:
Korean Bakery

In Angeles City, find Mr. KimBob in SM Clark foodcourt.

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  1. Hahaha I like Mr Kimbob but sa Baguio ko nakatry. Yum! And affordable too.

    1. Yeah. I hope they finally decide to bring the business here in Cebu. :)

    2. Yeah! And I also wish mo open ang Tokyo Tokyo diri... maayo pa ang CDO naay Tokyo Tokyo, kita wala :-(

    3. mao sab. we passed by Tokyo Tokyo in SM Clark too. :D

    4. agi lang mi.. kay on tight budget.. haha

  2. Remember that yummy Bibimbop dinner we had in Baguio, Khon. Dako kau to imoha meal gni. :D I agree. so affordable.

    1. Yup! Dako gyud. Mao naka ingon ko na affordable kay for 90-100 pesos daghan na kaayo sya hahaha. I wish naa tay Mr Kimbob and Tokyo Tokyo diri!!


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