Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Treetop Hopping and Dropping

We had the most restful evening after the tiring trek to Mt. Pinatubo the day before. At 8 in the morning, everyone was getting ready for yet another adventure. First, we needed to check-out from Gani Hotel, then take our breakfast in KFC near Dau Terminal. From the terminal, we hopped onto a van for a gruesome 1.5-hour drive to Olongapo.* Each row accommodates 4 passengers. I happen to have taken the side seat at the back and when the van drove under the midday sun, I can't help but pull out my sarong to shield me from the scorching sunlight. We were dropped at Harbor Point, a clean and classy mall, which I recently learned was developed by Ayala Land, Inc. From that point, we were hoping we could find a better option to move around Olongapo, however, after minutes of observing the highway, I was convinced that taxi was the only option. There were no tricycles for hire around, not even jeepneys. The residents in Olongapo must be really rich to afford that much expense on transportation alone. Certainly, others had to buy their private cars and motorcycles while the rest will wait for the occasional buses traveling around the city.

  Getting us to the Tree Top Adventure already cost us P400 which the driver reasons as a two-way drive (Harbour Point to Treetop and back to Harbour Point). In as much as you would want to scream out, you couldn't, because there were no sighting of any jeepneys around. We had to accept early on that this is how they do it in Olongapo. In as much as I appreciate the orderliness and cleanliness of the city, I hate the fact that the local government lacks the provision of a cheaper mode of transportation. We were told that although Olongapo City still belongs to Zambales province geographically, they have already practiced autonomy in terms of administration.

Running against time, we immediately sat for the briefing on the activities we could take advantage of in the site. Three of us chose Package E (Canopy Ride, Tree Drop Adventure, and Superman Ride) while Claire, the only girl in the pack of four, chose Package B (Canopy and Superman Ride). All activities were exciting but quite short-lived.

Canopy ride is where one is tied to a harness and on a sitting position moved around the vicinity of the forest for a tree-top view. To get to where it starts, you may need to walk through hanging bridges, however, you may need to be careful, lest, you could get stung by a bee which happened to one of our travel mates.

(left): the traveler's feet above the ground. (right) the Canopy ride.
Hanging bridges at Tree Top Adventures

Superman Ride is where one or two persons are asked to be in prone position where the harness supports the back and the two arms are extended on beam supports and another beam for the extended legs at the back. First the motor glides you speedily backwards and then forward. Pretty much like zipping back and forth in the same position.

(Top) Silver Surfer (Bottom) Superman Ride

Tree Drop Adventure I would say was the most exciting of their fun activities. Then again, it is short lived. The crew fastens the straps and secures you with a harness tied at the back. From the tree-top platform, they ask you to come close to the edge then float so the harness becomes your only support at the back bringing you once again on a flat position with your face downwards. After a quick distraction, you fall free from the top down to the ground until the brakes pull you to a halt face down with just about 2 feet distance from the soil. The free fall can be compared with Danao plunge in Bohol but way far in terms of adrenaline rush.

The cast.

Overall, I think the trip to Treetop Adventure plus their packages were too pricey for short-lived thrills.

See my breakdown of expenses below:

* More help on directions here.

Next Adventure: Zoobic Safari

Tree Top Adventure
Jest Area Upper Mau Cubi Point
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Contact Nos: 047-252-9427/047-252-9425

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